Summer in Montana

Summer in Montana is sometimes hard for me. I love the weather. I love the views and the beauty and all that but we’re practically in Alaska and that means we are in daylight until… well, it feels like 24 hours a day all summer. So the kids are like, “But MOOOOM! It isn’t dark yet!” And I’m like, “If we wait until it’s dark it will be September before you go to bed and Mommy’s tired.” So, anyway, I’m putting up blackout curtains and sending them back to their room over and over and over. Still, they are up in their room playing and giggling. As a mom, you can’t sleep until you know your kids are asleep, at lease when they are toddlers. I’m not sure what will happen when they are teenagers although if I remember correctly, my mom seemed to know exactly when I fell asleep then too.

Driving in Montana in the summer can be perilous. The thing is, here, EVERYONE has an RV or at least some form of camping-without-really-camping kind of thing that they are either hauling behind their vehicle or is their vehicle. There are HUGE RVs now that are like the Hilton on wheels and you don’t have to have a special license to drive them even though they are just as big as a bus and most of the people that ARE driving them have been driving for a really long time… if you know what I mean. Between these frightening road monsters and the construction, you are almost better off having a stay-cation. Just sayin’.

The other thing is… well, I’m not what you would call “outdoorsy.” I’m a hang-out-where-there-aren’t-bugs-and-sand kinda girl. I’m a need-to-have-a-toilet-with-running-water-close-at-hand kinda girl. I’m a like-to-have-my-WiFi-and-computer-at-my-fingertips girl. Montana is none of the above. They are “outdoorsy” people. These people backpack. Ok, I don’t mind hiking. I will even camp when I don’t have a kid in diapers, but only for 1 night at a time. I’m not fond of putting the two together. To haul my stuff “in…” well, just doesn’t sound fun for me. Gotta admit, I’m a little out of my element here.

However, despite all the little idiosyncrasies of getting to know yet another new place in summer, I love it here. It’s great. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. There is grandeur all around with the pointy topped mountains. I also prefer cold over hot. I mean, you can always put on more clothes, you can only take off so many before they arrest you.

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