Wedding Dress Blues

Have you seen that commercial where the lady is in the grocery store with her wedding dress on? I’m that girl. If I’m going to spend a ton of money on a dress, I want to wear it!

However… because I have a deep seeded need to be taken seriously, I’m not going to do it. (I also want to wear a tiara every day but that’s not going to happen either.) So, I’m selling my wedding dress.

I KNOW! Right? What if one of the girls wants to wear it someday (come on!)? But wedding dresses aren’t what they used to be and if the 80’s taught us anything, it’s that wedding dress fashion is an ever morphing monster. If I had spent hours hand stitching the lace or sewing on the sequins, I might think differently about all this but… I didn’t. I got it off the rack at David’s bridal and I’m just not that attached to it. I am VERY attached to Andy. But not my dress. I had a blast at my wedding and mostly because my mom did everything and I just got to party! That’s how it should be! And now, I’m done with the dress and I’m not going to have it sitting in my closet waiting for me to lose enough weight to fit into it again. I’m going to have a bikini for that because it takes up way less room.

Can you tell I’m not that sentimental?


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One response to “Wedding Dress Blues

  1. Katrina

    Have you heard of Trash the Dress photoshoots? They usually happen right after the wedding, and show the bride jumping in a pond, or setting the dress on fire at the beach or whatever. A little rejection of the Keep-it-Forever mentality! Sell it off: one less thing to keep around!

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