Facebook is an interesting phenomenon in our society. I switched over to Facebook from MySpace several years ago and never looked back. Because it is so widely used, everyone know everything from Facebook. “I’ll Facebook you.” It’s even a verb now. Kinda like texting. Everything is texting and Facebook.

Our lives used to be defined by how we took our coffee (at least if you believe You’ve Got Mail). Now it is in our Facebook status updates. If you are famous or care about famous people, you might be all into twitter. That’s kinda all about knowing where someone is or what they are thinking every minute of every day. However, I’m more of a Facebook person. I just want you to know whats happening in my life a couple times a day.

And that’s where people start hiding me in their news feeds. All I talk about is the kids. Because that’s my life. Most people don’t want to hear about my kids all the time. That’s what I blog about most of the time but that’s different.

I love Facebook and hate it. It seems to take up my time. Not that I would use that time for anything better but it’s being taken up.

I love being able to set up a play date without calling someone. Or texting them since no one in Montana texts. I like keeping up with people without an awkward phone call. I like seeing pictures of people and the things they are doing without feeling like I’m stalking them.

And maybe that’s why Facebook gets 1/4 of all the internet traffic in the world!


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