Montana Shopping Love

I know. I’ve been a little grouchy against my state lately and it’s probably just the exhaustion coming out in ways that are very public. Anyway, today, I love Montana more than every because of shopping.

First, I know. Missoula isn’t exactly shopping heaven and that’s why I love it. I hate to shop.

Second, clothes shopping is worse torture than death for me. I hate it with a passion. Even when I’m in shape and love my body, I hate to clothes shop. I’m kinda that girl that looks at other girls or the mannequin and says, “I’ll have what she’s having.” When it comes to my kids, its a totally different story and I don’t know why that is. I think its the spending money thing. I hate to spend money. REALLY HATE IT! I’m a hoarder, scrooge, miser of a girl. That’s just me. But when I’m spending money on the girls, it’s not difficult because it’s “unselfish.” That can’t possibly be true either because I am totally vane about my kids appearance. Basically, I need Stacy and Clinton BADLY!

Ok, bringing it back to the whole Montana thing. When I lived in Asheville, there were lots of stores but there was a hippy vibe that ran through everything and it was hard for me to find clothes at reasonable prices that didn’t make me look like a pot-head. When I was in California, everything looked like you had just rolled out of bed but you spent about $400 to look that way (even the hair! Amazing…) In the east (close to NYC), everything is so dang skimpy you might as well just wear NOTHING! Seriously, how short are we going to go with this model-mini-skirt look? Stores buy for the region. The Dillards in NYC is not going to sell the same stuff as Dillards in Montana.

Here, in good old Montana, I have finally found my style of clothing in a variety of stores. I’m still picky as ever but I discovered FINALLY clothes that cover and still look good. Thank you Cold Water Creek and Dillards.

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