Forgotten Literature

Last night, Andy and I got a babysitter and went on a date. This doesn’t happen much anymore so we were really excited. We saw Captain America! It wasn’t an epic movie or anything but we were entertained.

During the previews, they showed an ad for yet another Spider-man movie. I can’t believe they are already doing another movie that starts back at the beginning! What the heck? Aren’t there like 2 million Marvel Superheros? Do we have to regurgitate them every ten years now from the beginning?! Batman successfully switched actors several times. Why do we have to start again just because Toby McGuire got to old or to grouchy to do another movie? The kicker was there is also ANOTHER 3 MUSKETEERS! Are you KIDDING?! That one has been WAY overdone. Poor Alexander Dumas. He would roll over in his grave if he knew what they have done to his books.

Anyway, we are sitting in the theater watching a preview for another Mission Impossbile movie (that doesn’t start at the beginning and is using Tom Cruise still, thank goodness) and I remembered… BOOK CLUB!

I’m in  a book club that I have never met with because it just formed and I missed the first meeting due to being out of town. I was so excited to get to my first meeting that I bought and read the book in three days (even with kids hanging on my legs) and even wrote notes in the margins so I’d have witty comments during the discussion (you can do that on the Kindle!). Then I put the whole thing aside for what was obviously to many days because I forgot all about the meeting in my excitement to get a baby sitter and have a date with Andy where he wasn’t itching to get home and study.

So just as Tom Cruise is swinging from a building across the screen (no, he is not the new Spider-man, although all these spy and superhero action movies do kinda seem repetitive now days), I sit up from eating a hand full of popcorn and scream, “CRAP! Book Club!”

Andy looks at me (as does everyone else in the theater) and quietly says, “No. The movies. We’re in the movies…”

Don’t you hate it when that happens?!

I can’t believe I read the book, got all psyched and TOTALLY FORGOT TO GO TO THE MEETING!

Anyway, if you have any great comments about Water for Elephants (the Book! No fair watching the movie and then having anything to say about it), I want to hear them. I’m all up for an online discussion until I get the word on the next book. I’m putting like 12 reminders in my phone next time… grrrrr….


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