Short Short

So I’m walking in the mall the other day and I see all these girls in SHORT, barely-covers-my-butt skirts. I’m thinking, “This is nuts because it’s Montana and we don’t dress like that here. I mean, there are going to be a few of those everywhere but REALLY? Why is every teenager in this mall trying to show off her underwear from every angle? I was annoyed because I don’t really want my daughter dressing like that. Granted, it’s over 90 degrees out there every day for several weeks but…


And that’s when the light went on. These girls aren’t in short skirts… well, they are but they are not covering underwear. They are just out of the river. These skirts are covering a bathing suit because EVERYONE is floating on the river to try and beat the heat. It’s not Montana right now. It’s the California coast. It’s Florida at Spring Break. It’s where ever beach attire is acceptable in every business and social gathering place. It’s bikini weather baby!

And that makes it all better, right?


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