Cold Hard….

Abby has discovered money.

The other day we were at a restaurant that had one of those “rides” that you put a quarter in and it jiggles you around for 30 seconds. Why they have that in a restaurant I don’t know. Don’t they know it’s just going to make kids puke? Anyway, the girls were fascinated by it and Abby knew that it took money for it to run.

Daddy went out and raided the console in the car for quarters. When that well of change dried up, Abby was on the hunt again for more money to make the ride work again. She took one look at Uncle Kevin and decided he was the way to go. Getting on her best puppy dog look on, she went to Daddy and asked him to relay the message that she needed money from Kevin for the ride. Daddy refused to be a go-between and told her she would have to ask for herself.

At this point, I leaned over and asked what she was talking about. She looked at me and said, “I wanna ask him for cash.”

CASH!?! I laughed my butt off.

What the heck? How did my 3 year old discover that cash is what makes the world go round? How did she know it was called CASH? I know she is a sponge which is why every day I get more and more protective of her and what she sees and hears and is exposed to. However, this is a lesson she must learn: Money won’t make you happy!

I don’t know how I’m going to teach her that in this world where so often it feels like money is EVERYTHING!


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