I found one of these spiders in my house today.

No, I was not calm enough to get the camera and take this photo. I was so freaked out I almost puked. Good thing I was in the bathroom. Several days ago we received a flyer about some exterminator who gets rid of this and other spiders and this spider was on the featured photo.

This exact photo was taken by Darwin K. Vest who went missing in 1999 in some town in Ohio so I figured he wouldn’t mine if I used it. He was one of the foremost experts in venomous spiders. Interesting but not relevant.

BTW – Poisonous means that you would get sick if you eat it. Venomous means that you get hurt if they bite you. I know… I’m a nerd.

Anywho… I almost dug the flyer out of the garbage to call the person who would brave this scarey beast but I held back. Instead, I used a pesticide spray on it. It skittered away and I don’t know if it crawled to a slow death in the walls somewhere or survived and is plotting revenge.

I sat perched on my couch, fearing that spiders were crawling all over my sleeping baby in her crib ( I checked on her 4 times during her nap.) and forbidding Abby to go anywhere I thought a spider could hide. She was not happy for a few hours while I made her sit in the middle of the living room floor where I could watch what was coming at her from all angles. I tortured myself with spidery websites and photos of bites gone horribly wrong. Every time my clothing brushed my skin I imagined it was the spiders hairy legs crawling toward my jugular and I went into a slapping fit all over my face and body. It’s been worse than the movie!

I’m never leaving the kitchen chair I’m on. I’m hoping this way I can see him coming. Even when I do come down from my tower of solitude, I’m sure that all the websurfing will totally cause me to have nightmares.


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