Love Hate

Cate’s not quite talking yet. She’s kinda blabbering and screaming and pointing and generally very frustrated that we don’t understand her completely yet.

I used to think it was crazy when people would say one kid was translating for another kid. I still don’t think Abby understands Cate any more than I do but I have noticed this – although Abby orders Cate around like a slave, she also is desperate to know what Cate is trying to communicate. Therefore, as Cate points and screeches from a chair, Abby runs around the room trying to figure out what will make the screaming stop. She doesn’t translate better than me. She wants to know what’s going through Cate’s head more than me. She has more energy to skip from item to item than me. She plays at this more than me.

She’s going to be a great mommy!


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