Why I Wear Black Nail Polish


This is a sadish kinda picture from my phone. However, it’s true. I wear black nail polish. Well, technically its dark purple, so dark that it looks black so… black. I know that black nail polish should be only for teenagers and people who read Twilight.

I wear this because I pick at my nails. Black nail polish is a great deterrent to picking at my nails until they are below the quick.

I also blog. I like to type. I like to watch my fingers as they type. Black nail polish is really fun to watch jumping all around the keyboard as I tap out these words for you.

I also saw a movie where Gwyneth Paltrow wore black nail polish and looked AMAZING and I have always wanted to have hands like that. Now I can! Woo Hoo! Sometimes, I look at my hands and really feel like I might actually be as elegant as Gwyneth. I also want to be named Gwyneth. Or have a child named Gwyneth. I have been shot down every time I try and name a baby Gwyneth. Maybe the next time around. Oh, yeah. We’re not doing another time around… bummer. Oh, well. At least I can have black nails.

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