Abby-ism #14

Mommy: Get your shoes on.

Abby: Just stands there and stares at me with an evil look saying with her eyes, “NO!”

Mommy: Now.

Abby: No.

Mommy: Almost incoherent with anger that she is being defied. Go sit on your bed.

Abby: No.

Mommy: Takes Abby’s arm and steers her to the bedroom while giving her a little swat on the butt. You need to obey mommy. Sit on the bed until you can say you are sorry and obey.

Abby: Screaming as though she actually felt the swat through the layers of dress she’s wearing. Mom, that wasn’t very nice!

Mommy: Oh, mercy. Runs from the room so she can laugh hysterically at the fact that she’s just been reprimanded for disciplining her child.


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