Vacation in Portland

Last weekend we went to visit my cousin. This is her. She just had a baby. I know, I know… She looks awesome, right? She’s just beautiful like that. I’m totally jealous. Anyway, we had a blast.

This is her oldest son. Abby woke up every morning wanting to “hang out” with him. I think they had a kinda love hate relationship. He’s not quite talking and she won’t be quiet. Doesn’t he just look like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes?

This is the new baby. He looks just like his uncle Michael. Isn’t that the sweetest, old man, gummy smile? I love it!

And they are both so smiley and photogenic. It’s awesome!

And of course Abby is in love with the baby. She totally wants me to have another one. I told her that wasn’t going to happen.

Andy and Cate swining like monkeys at the zoo play area.

Abby and Cate riding the horsey's in the petting zoo.

Come on, Cate!

That SPF 40 is totally blocking her sun tanning attempt.


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One response to “Vacation in Portland

  1. Katie

    I have a picture of Ross and I on those wooden horses at the zoo too. Haha, your girls are quite a bit cuter though. =)

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