These are My Kids

I am always amazed at what Abby can turn into a little family. She is always the mommy and she bosses “them” all around. It’s always an amazing little soap opera of conversation and play that she creates.

I have never been one to create single sided conversations in my head. I remember watching my friends playing similarly and just sitting back and taking it all in. I rarely participated. To be able to come up with the simple little things that make conversation interesting without having someone else to help or talk to is a rare art. Maybe she’ll be a writer one day.

I have tried to sneak up on her and get some of this on video but it never works. As soon as I get close enough to hear what she’s saying on camera, she’s distracted by my presence and it snaps her out of her little world.

The best time to hear her is when Cate is taking a nap and she’s playing in her favorite place, the bathroom. I think the cabinets being so low, her makeup being in there (and she’s only allowed to play with that when Cate’s asleep because Cate gets it all over the place and then has a fit if we try and take it away) makes this her favorite place to play. The makeup becomes the family, each piece being a different child or parent or grandparent. Once I walked in there and asked her who they were and she said, “They are my kids.”

I’m going to keep trying to get this on video but I don’t know if it will ever happen.


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  1. That is very sweet. I have two grand daughters the same ages as your little girls. I love “eavesdropping” on the pretend conversations Samantha has!

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