So in January I decided to be a vegan. It was hard because I LOVE meat. I mean, I love it. But even more than meat, I LOVE CHEESE!!! What would I do without cheese… and butter… and milk on my cereal every morning. Dairy is just an everyday life staple and there’s no taking it away.

Unless you are going up up up on the scale and heading fast than you ever thought toward needing Jillian Micheals to move in with you.

So, I did it. I gave it up.


There are still eggs for baking. There is a little butter for baking as well. There is milk once in a blue moon for something that doesn’t work with soy milk. I NEVER eat cheese anymore. It’s just easy to leave it off.

HOWEVER , there are those times when I have been watching to much food network and I get a hankering for meat and OH LOOK, we have sour kraut and you can’t eat sour kraut without the anti-vegan: The Reuben Sandwich! Cheese, mayo, kraut, corned beef and major butter on the bread so it gets all crusty and brown… mmmm…

But wait! There is still kraut left. What could we have it on? How about HOT DOGS! We can’t find good veggie dogs here so Hebrew National all beef dogs.

After two days of sour kraut and meat and all the things we NEVER have anymore, Abby, Cate and I are crawling back to Vegan-ism begging for forgiveness.

“We will never leave again. You are better than any meat craving. We’re sorry. We’ll never wish for Arby’s again. Just take us back and get our digestive systems back in order. PLEASE!”

Well, that’s it for confession. I’m back with Vegan-ism and hopefully, she won’t kill me if I cheat again. Such is the way of shaky relationships.

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