My Girl Has Her Own Show

I realize from the title this may sound like yet another blog on the amazing Abby and her soap opera’s from the bathroom. However, it’s not. It’s about my favorite blogger, Pioneer Woman. On the left, you will see a link to her blog. She’s so fun to read and she will help you gain weight, if that’s what you need with her amazing recipes that although yummy, are sure to up your bad kind of cholesterol. I love reading her blog. I occasionally make her recipes when I need comfort food or I’m taking whatever I make outside of my house so I can just leave it and not have the calories reenter the house for eating.

A couple months ago, I noted that she was talking about a food network show but I didn’t have time to really peruse the blog enough to investigate further so I assumed it was a repost of her Thanksgiving showdown with Bobby Flay, that I bought and downloaded onto my iPod so I could watch it over and over… Bobby Flay is like, the Brad Pitt of cooking.

Anyway, I then saw a preview for her OWN SHOW that debuted on the Food Network last week. It’s on Sabbath morning so I DVR’d it and I’ve been watching it on Sunday morning. Here are my thoughts:

Dear Pioneer Woman,

I love it that this show is not in a food network kitchen. I love it that you are the Ina Garten of OK. I love it that your ingredients aren’t all measured perfectly into little ramekins (which always makes me feel sorry for whoever is the production assistant that gets to do dishes after each and every screw up). I love it that you talk similarly to how you write (and I think this is already, after only two shows, getting to feel more natural). I love it that we are getting to see your wardrobe before you post more closet cleaning blogs. I love it that we get to see your cowboys and kids and get to know your Charlie a little more. I love it! Please film more shows.



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