Cate-ism #2

Abby has been potty trained for some time now but she still freaks out every time she needs to go potty. She clutches herself and screams, “I need to go potty!” while running for the bathroom.

Cate is now starting to talk and understand. Every now and then she will clutch at her oversized diaper and run for the bathroom yelling, “Paw-eeeee!”

Whenever she does this, I let her get on the potty and grunt for a few minutes until she look up at me and parrots her sister, “Done.” I wipe her and let her flush.

This is not potty training because I’m leaving her in a diaper. She’s only 18 months old and I’m not convinced that I need to be even attempting real potty training at this age with her, if only for my own sanity. However, it humors her and she loves yelling and getting immediate attention. Wish I could get it on video…

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