There is no such thing as running errands. There is running everything but errands but errands don’t seem to get run.
Yesterday, I got up, got myself and the girls ready, made 3 pans of sticky buns, got all my new and old MOPS stuff together and packed us all off to MOPS, arriving slightly late which is NOT normal for me. I was already flustered. After MOPS, Cate fell asleep in the car and not wanting to wake her, I decided that we were going to “run” some errands. I needed to get to the lock smith where they had made me a key. All I needed to do was pick it up. I got there, left Cate and Abby in the car, which I could see from the shop, and went in. Seeing that there was one guy ahead of me, I returned to my car to see what was going on INSIDE the car. Cate was awake of course and I needed to feed the meter. I got the kids out and took them in with me and put one more coin in the meter. There were now two guys ahead of me and the lock smith was meticulously going through every key on his wall to find one that matched the first guys key. The girls played for a few minutes and then Abby started to do the potty dance. There is no potty in the lock smith shop. We leave the line, run for the next door yogurt shop and let Abby pee while trying to keep Cate from touching anything. We feed the meter on the way from the yogurt shop to the lock smith shop. We are now fourth in line… I took me an hour and a half to pick up the key.


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