The Answer to Green

Do you have one of those kids that has an aversion to anything and everything green? Are you that kid? Be honest… I know there are many of us that just don’t love things like… kale. That’s right. Kale.

I’m not a big kale fan. The reality is, if you are a vegetarian, better yet, a vegan, you can’t live without those green leafy vegetables and frankly, there aren’t alot out there that are awesome. At least, for me.

I hate spinach, green beans, kale and most of the other popular green vegetables that give us the iron and many other nutrients in that healthy and natural way. Then I noticed, I don’t actually hate the taste of these vegetables. I hate the texture, especially when they are canned. So, fresh. I got a huge bag of fresh green beans at the store the other day and I have been sauteing these awesome fresh babies every day for the girls and me with a bit of olive oil, water, salt and garlic.

Fresh spinach in salad, even without RANCH coating every leaf, is GREAT. I just don’t like it wilted down and out of a can.

Kale… this is the kicker for me. I have never liked kale. Even fresh and just barely wilted with salt and lemon, I can’t seem to get past the strange texture. It’s to tough for fresh and to rubbery for wilted. It’s just not my veggie… until A recipe from Guy Fieri of the Food Network changed everything for me. Kale Chips! Woot woot!!! So this changes that texture problem. You just dry them in the oven for a while and make them into chips. They are already thinner than a potato chip (which I’m not actually that partial to) because of the fact they are a leaf. This process of drying them in the oven makes them even thinner and when you eat them they have sort of a cotton candy texture. It takes away all the rubbery, weird texture and just makes kale a tasty treat. I swear, I ate a whole “bunch” of kale all by myself. This is my new movie snack (that I sneak in under my coat). I would eat it while I read books on my kindle or while I blog if I didn’t get little kale bits in the keyboard. Best part about them, they are majorly easy to make. Big REMEMBER moment when making them, make sure they don’t have ANY water left from rinsing on the leaves or they will steam and not dry in your oven.




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2 responses to “The Answer to Green

  1. If you ever make smoothies, blend up a leaf or two in your smoothie. They don’t have a strong enough flavor to be noticed. Or even blending them up with your pancake batter, just make sure to add extra soy milk or water.

  2. We LOVE kale chips. My kids eat them like candy. We’ve been making green smoothies lately… well, a fruit smoothie with coconut milk and spinach. If I add blueberries, the kids don’t even know there is spinach because it turns it purple. I’m afraid to try kale in it, I feel like it would taste bitter.

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