Christmas Time is Here

Christmas always makes me think about my family. As I listen to Christmas music, I have special memories for each person.

My dad and his amazing selflessness. He cares about people, truly and gives without wanting anything in return or expectation of result. My mom and her amazing cooking and how she always sounds happy to hear my voice on the phone no matter how many times I have called her that week. My sister and our nights before Christmas when we would wrap up toys and pretend it was Christmas for days before. Our late night shopping trips to Walmart for stocking stuffers. Sleeping in each others beds because we read stories together until our eyes closed. My brother and our late night talks by the fireplace.

Traditions: Reading The Other Wise Man by Henry Van Dyke. Confessions for the year. The “other guy” stocking. The beauty of the season.

Tell me about your favorite thoughts on the season.



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