Last Years Toys

I had our girls toys split into two boxes that were “six month boxes.” However, after their glorious Christmas this year in which they got so much stuff we were forced to split Christmas into Hanuka just because it would have overflowed our living room to do it all at once, we needed to add TWO more boxes. Now we have four “three month” boxes that should live through the birthdays, we hope.

Anyway, I insisted that as we cleaned and sorted, only properly working toys be put in the boxes and all those that were broken, stained, from a fast food restaurant, were to be tossed. Last year, my brother bought an ever popular “ball” game that you put little mutli-colored balls in and it shoots them out the top and the kids just go nuts. It also bears mentioning that it plays the most annoying music in the world at a volume that can only minorly be adjusted. It’s a parents nightmare. The kids love to put all kinds of things that are NOT the approved balls down into the tube. Stuff get’s stuck or the whole device is used as a Gatling gun and it just is a pain the neck. The girls love it. When I discovered that a ball was irrecoverably wedged in the tube, I thought that would be the end of the worst toy ever gifted to us. However, the girls almost had a coronary when I tried to get rid of it so…

…I hunted until I found a screw driver that would reach the tiny screws down in the long holes (incidentally, this came from another nightmare toy, the Erector Set which sends teeny screws into my vacuum cleaner and strange pieces into the bottom of my feet as I walk in our living room. Who comes up with this stuff?). Then I sat down with my girls “favorite toy” and began with the help of a wrench to get out 15 tiny screws of varying lengths to open this crazy device. After taking off not one but TWO layers of plastic, I was almost in! I didn’t want to take out another screw so I reached the tube with the screw driver and moved the ball and hair clip enough that they were apart so they would slide out easily and began the arduous task of re-screwing EVERYTHING back together, putting the batteries back in and setting the device up only to find that ball and hair clip had started a new love affair and were once again wedged in. I through up my hands in frustration and the girls looked at me in despair. “Not verking?” – Cate. “NO! NEVER WORKING AGAIN!” Dang it… I got several golf balls and violently slammed them into the tube, getting the ball unwedged and the toy was saved. I am supermom.


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