Words I Hope My Children NEVER Stop Saying Wrong

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I suppose it’s not a cute to hear a 35 year old ask if we are going to take the stairs or the alligator. However, I hope I never forget how cute it is right now to hear Cate say:

Yammy – Lamby

Ta – Tada (Mommy, watch! … Ta!)

Sweep – Sleep (Mommy, sweep wi-you?)

Tate – Cate (I Tate. You Mommy)

Titty – Kitty (Yeah, I almost die every time…)

Nugoe – Snuggle

Or Abby with her little:

Mommy, is the bathing sister coming? (Baby sitter…)

I love it when they are learning to talk. Of course, with Abby is more what she says as opposed to how she says it now. She’s just getting to be so smart! I love it.



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