Ending Thumb-sucking

Yeah, right.

I believe this effort to be somewhat futile but I’m going to attempt to break Cate of her thumb sucking. The thing is, it’s unsanitary, it’s dentally detrimental and I don’t want her going to academy with a bad habit to break. I’ve seen kids at the school who still are trying to break this habit and it scared me. Therefore, I’m starting a gentle effort toward self-control with my toddler. We’ll see how it works.

When I catch her with her thumb in her mouth, I will remind her that she can only do that in her bed. Then she will be put in her bed. We’ll see how this all works out. If it becomes an issue where I believe it is a deterrent to building a good relationship with my baby, I will stop. I just don’t know exactly what else to do at this time. Suggestions are welcome.

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