Friday Night at the Adams – Happy Sabbath

Sabbath. Ahhhh… supposedly the day of rest but for mothers of toddlers… well, you have got to be kidding. This is when the real work begins. Sometimes I feel like I work harder on Sabbath than any other day. Friday night we have dinner all together. As usual, this usually includes my kids bathing in whatever they have in front of them. Then into the bath. I struggle to get a toothbrush in their mouths, chase them around the tub with water and soap and finally send them scooting into the living room wrapped in towels. Here they will sit in front of the fire and I will wrestle them while I comb their hair and get it either into curlers or braids. Then jammies (and after all that they better be footies because I’m not getting a shirt over those sponge rollers). Storytime, prayers, water, potty, more water, most likely more prayers, a diaper change, more prayers, stories on the CD player and finally, they are calm and down. This is still followed by us cleaning up the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Then I still have to make something for potluck or lunch tomorrow. Whew!

Tonight as I listen to Abby pray, it amazes me how patient Andy is to listen to them pray over and over and never say, “OK, it’s enough. You are now going to sleep.” He is an amazing man. Abby prays:

“Dear God, I know you are kinda busy but I want to thank you for my new elephant and my new curlers. And God, protect us. Amen”

Be still my heart. Of course, she knows that Daddy will stay there as long as she keeps praying so it gets drawn out. I’m ok with that.


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