Mason Jars

Last year, my sainted mother-in-law came and canned TONS of jars of applesauce for us. As the jars were emptied, I just put them away in the garage waiting for the next year when I would inevitably beg her to come and out and repeat the process. I have now been educated by Pinterest and I will never let another mason jar, or baby food jar, go to waste sitting in the cold garage.

You can premake salads in them.

As long as the spinach is on the top and the dressing is on the bottom and are not touching, it keeps for up to 4 days. This is a great way to pre-make stuff when you know you aren’t going to have time to do it later. It can really save you from spending money at a restaurant when you don’t have to. This is also a great way to pre-portion (if you are on that post-holiday diet.)

You can also portion out dry mixes. I recently discovered how to make my own gluten steaks and although they are wonderful, they are filled with unusual ingredients (at least to my kitchen) and in making them, I fill the whole sink with measuring spoons and cups and the whole counter with spices and bags of different kinds of flour and whatnot. Besides not always wanting to do all that measuring and finding of spices, I’m not always sure I even have everything I need. The reality is, people have been making money off me for years because they mix something up in some factory and package it and tell me how much water and an egg to mix into it. I’m not going to stand for that anymore. I’m making my own dry mixes when I have the energy and whipping up a homemade meal faster than I ever did before. After today (and any day when I feel like doing dry mixes), all I have to know is whether there are any mixes left and if we have soy sauce. NICE!

There are many other uses of mason jars. You can make them into pretty candle holders or use them to organize craft supplies. There are a bunch of cool examples on Pinterest. These are the things that were the most useful to me. Happy organizing.


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