Airport Madness

Andy has a new job. He works for Great Lakes airline. Therefore we get to travel for free… on standby. It’s sometimes very crazy. If we get a flight halfway to our destination, we might not get a flight the rest of the way for several hours or even days. This can be a little crazy… especially with little kids. I have named the condition that sets in during those long hours of waiting and chasing flights from terminal to terminal “AIRPORT MADNESS.”

Airport madness starts to set in when you are getting tired from the travel.

When you are sitting in the terminal and your eyes are getting heavy but you can’t sleep because someone is saying over a loud speaker, “John Smith, Mr. John Smith, John Smith, Mr. John Smith, please go to a white courtesy phone,” – that’s airport madness.

When you are afraid to leave your terminal because you have been delayed 6 times only 15 minutes at a time but you have to pee like crazy – that’s airport madness.

When you are buying stuff at the overpriced gift shops and kiosks like a late night infomercial shopper – that’s airport madness.

When you look longingly at a restaurant that is just outside of TSA and you can’t get there without waiting for 2 hours in a line and being frisked, all for a cup of coffee – that’s airport madness.

When your device is dying and you spend all your time in the search for places to charge up – that’s airport madness.

When you are taking a sponge bath in the sink, purchasing t-shirts for a city you will never see because you checked everything and can’t stand the smell of your clothes one more minute, brushing your teeth in a drinking fountain just to stay close enough to your terminal to hear if you are boarding or not – that’s airport madness.

So, when traveling, just remember, we’ve all been there. Most of us have at least one pair of ill-purchased sunglasses from an airport kiosk that never came out of the overnight bag we put them in at the airport.

It’s ok… Just a little airport madness.


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