Today I Saw “Me”

Today “I” came into the store to buy something from me. “I” was 85 and “my” husband had fallen and broken a hip. I asked “me” how “I” was doing and “I” told me that “my” husband had waited on “me” hand and foot for 45 years and “I” didn’t know how to function without him. It made me think about becoming more self sufficient and being a little less dependent. But more than that “I” made me think about how to show this man how much I appreciate every little thing he does. Every glass of water he brings me. Everytime he plugs in my phone or remember to bring a jacket when he knows I’m going to get cold. I thought about how much I need to take the opportunity to thank him when he changes that diaper or wipes up that mess or tells me to take a nap when I know he needs one just as bad. 

I hope “I” visit me more often to remind me of these things. 


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