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I’m Back!!!!

Three and a half years ago we moved back to my home town for me to work at the family business. As of the last day of 2015, that chapter is closed. The business was sold to a large cooperation and I’m no longer a boss. I’m not longer THE boss. It’s awesome. I have been so stressed with the weight of the success or failure of the whole company and there are endless fires to put out. At one point I wasn’t sleeping and my anxiety over the issues was so high I literally thought I was going to have a breakdown. Now it is all off my shoulders. I’m a mindless peon at the cooperation that bought us out. Well, mindless might be an overstatement but I am done being responsible for the job security of everyone in the whole company and that just makes me FREE!

So I can do things I like again. I’m painting and volunteering and getting to know my kids and cleaning my house and basically, I’m not just going to work and coming home and falling into bed.

Hope to see some of the old pals around the blog world again.


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