All About Me

I’m a stay at home mom. We are always moving, changing schedules, getting sick, getting well, starting this lesson or joining that club. I feel like we are never in a good solid routine that doesn’t change. This is hard for me. The only way to combat what would surely dissolve into total depression over my “insecure” circumstances is to find a NEW KIND OF NORMAL every day because in motherhood, there is no normal.

I’m married to a saint who treats me like a queen and I have two precious girls who drive me nuts and make my life more full than I ever thought possible. I started this blog on MySpace a long time ago just to get out some creative writing but since then, it has turned into my journal for my daughters – a place where I record photos, videos and experiences that I think they might be interested in some day. It’s my public record of their lives (like Jon and Kate + 8 but hopefully without the yelling, affairs and divorce).

Sometimes I’m a vegan but that only started a while back when I decided I really needed to get serious about losing some weight and I still slip up when tempted with something that looks to awesome to pass up.

Like this chocolate mouse that is decidedly not vegan but of which I ate half while sipping this soy latte on a date with my husband that are few and far between.

My love affair with butter and heavy whipping cream have definitely caused some problems. I love to cook but I’m trying to cook in a whole new way… most of the time.

I’m always an artist. I teach art whenever I have a venue and I love to draw and paint with water color. I really get into anything artsy. I dabble in quilting, cross stitch, other crafts and I still get out and play the hand bells whenever I have the opportunity.

I’m obsessed with cooking reality tv.

This blog is my mostly true, sometimes creatively embellished experience with parenting, cooking and whatever.

What’s really awesome is after a couple years of blogging, my husband got on the bandwagon and now he adds his own little two cents to the blog every now and then. Therefore the Man Blogs tab. I love it when we find that we both love to do something. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


4 responses to “All About Me

  1. You have two very beautiful little girls and I only wish I could write half as well and witty as you! I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Liz

    We’d love to have you join our mom network.

  3. Bryan Fellows

    I love the blog, great job!

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