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The Real World

Recently I was looking at a former students posts and she mentioned that she was about to end her scholastic career and go out into the real world. It started me on a bit of a reminiscence.

Remember when we were kids and mom and dad would say, “When you have your own house, you can do whatever you want.” That’s what is about to happen, former student. You are about to have your own space. You can stay up late. You can go to bed if you want. You can watch what you want on TV. You can eat at random times during the day. You can have only cake for lunch. You can leave socks on the floor forever and NEVER PICK THEM UP! You don’t have to clean your room before you get to eat dinner and homework suddenly, AFTER 12 or more years, doesn’t exist! You can stay in your underwear all day and NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU WAKE UP WHEN YOU AREN’T READY! It’s the best!!!!!!!!!!!

And then you get a job, get married, and have kids and suddenly, even though no one is making you do them, you do all those things that your parents and teachers “made” you do BY YOUR OWN CHOICE. Can you believe it? It was all a vicious circle.

But I still say being a grown up is awesome. I love it. I wouldn’t go back to being a kid for nothing… accept the awesome ability to eat an entire pizza and not gain a pound.


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The Education of Cate

Abby has taken it upon herself to teach Cate how to talk. Cate will point and slur something like, “S-at?” (Which translated means, “What’s that?”)

Abby patiently repeats the noun over and over while pointing. Maybe I won’t have to do much this time around. Now if I can just get Abby to do the potty training too…

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Slash, Scratch and Sniff

Cate's even doing the claw!

Abby went to another Missoula Maulers game. She got to meet the mascot, Slash, this time. I painted her face again. We have taken to calling her Little Scratch. Last night, Cate was hanging around my knees while I was getting Abby done up. She wanted to be painted up too. I did a quick paint job on her face and she kept sniffling and snuffling. We call her Sniff. Now when we head out to the Mauler’s, we are taking Scratch and Sniff to see Slash! Love it.

Abby (Scratch) and Slash (The Missoula Maulers mascott)

She looks a bit apprehensive… You’d never know it by the picture but she walks around the house calling all her babydolls “baby maulers.” She’s in love with Slash! It’s a hoot. Daddy’s instilling great hometown team loyalty right from the beginning.

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Abby-ism #3

Mommy: Abby, it’s time to try and go potty. We don’t need accidents when we start out the day.

Abby: I can’t go potty, Mommy.

Mommy: Yes you can. See! Hear that! There was pee in there.

Abby: Mommy, sometimes the pee comes out my ear.


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Soap Opera Abby

Apparently, Abby’s imagination has really kicked in. She takes whatever toy she can get her hands on and turns them into characters in her running soap opera. I love watching it.

I have to tune in just before lunch and again at Cate’s nap time. These are the best times as Cate is not trailing after her, misplacing and drooling all over Abby’s heroines.

Today, there is a purple comb princess who’s sister is a green comb named Daisy. They are fighting over who is the most beautiful although Daisy is not in line for the thrown so who cares about her anyway. They are now playing nicely together but at any moment it could turn into an eye-scratching, hair-pulling cat fight. This is where being a comb comes in handy. They preen each other nicely after each fight saying please and thank you as though nothing has happened.

It’s amazing how she will switch from dialogue to naration and back.

“‘What are you doing, sister?'”

“And then she went to her sister and said, ‘A berry importat job.'”

This is all a very serious business.

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